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Firefighting maintenance

Campanella Impianti has worked in the field of fire prevention for over 35 years, assisting its clients with the utmost professinalism. Thanks to an excellent organization and a highly trained staff, we take care of every aspect of the maintenance phase of all the fire fighting and security systems.

  • Fire extinguisher inspection 
  • Fire hydrant inspection 
  • Fire door inspection 
  • Automatic extingushing system inspection 
  • Pumping stations inspection 
  • Fire detection inspection 
  • EVAC systems 
  • EFC systems (smoke detectors) 

Mandatory periodic inspection of compressed, dissolved and liquefied gas cylinders.

Campanella Impianti has become a leader in periodic inspection and maintenance for all types of gas containers and pressure equipment. We aim to be your partner in managing all the issues related to the mandatory periodic inspections using all the most up-to-date equipment at our disposable.

Periodic cylinder inspection – legal obligation.

The strict regulations on cylinders intended for carriage and storage of compressed gases require mandatory periodic inspections and checks in order to use and carry the containers in complete safety.

Moreover, the owner has to always have the certificate stating the conformity of the cylinder with him/her untili its disposal. The frequency of inspections depends on the size and/or the material of the container and the gas stored in it.

The inspection usually needs to be done every 10 years. We carry out tests of PED- TPED containers with accredited intitutions as: INAIL (former ISPESL), ACCREDIA, RINA.

What to expert during the inspection / resting operations according to EEC standards


Valve disassembly


Cylinder thread check


Technical tests and checks

Weight check, hydrostatic test, internal inspection

Punching new gas denomination

M.D. October 16th, 1998

Valves substitution


Certificate update and compilation


Commissioning and Start-ups

Campanella Impianti has first-hand vast work experience in the fire-fighting field. We export our knowledge worldwide making it available by surpevising the installation processes, commissioning and startups.


Door Fan Test

The UNI EN15004:2008 standard identifies mandatory tests which ensure the maintenance of the locations which are protected by gas extinguishing systems.

What is the Door Fan Integrity Test? It prevents gas from dissipetingfrom any holes in case of intervention of fire extinguisher systems. Doing so, the concentration planned in the calculation phase remains sufficient to smother the potential flames. Moreover, the door fan test is used to calculate the eventual overpressure dampers to be installed.

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