Fire protection system

Campanella Impianti, a leading company in the production, installation and maintenance of fire protection systems suitable for every need.


Automatic gas extinguishing systems

Among the fire protection systems that Campanella Impianti produces, the gas extinguishing systems play an important role as their key features are fast execution and cleanliness of the premises.

Campanella impianti, gas extinguishing system leading company,offers turnkey installation, from design to creation.The extinguishing gases are divided into three types that adapt to different needs.

  • INERT GASES  ( IG01 (Argon) – IG100 (Nitrogen) – IG541 (50% Nitrogen + 42% Argon + 8% CO2) – IG55 (50% Nitrogen + 50% Argon);; 
  • CHEMICALS AGENT NOVEC 1230 (FK-5-1-12), HFC125, HFC227ea 
  • CO2

Application fields:


EDP & control rooms



Rooms with electrical panels and appliances

Hollow tunnels


Engine rooms


Public facilities

Theaters, museums, libraries, archives


Military ships, cruise ships, yachts.

Foam extinguishing systems.

The easiest and most effective solution in industial applications is the foam system.

These systems use foaming compounds that, at the moment of discharge, are mixed with water creating an extinguishing foam.

Low expansion:

expansion with superficial action, covering and isolating the burning item from the contact with air. The application of this product is suitable for petrochemical companies, loading docks, processing areas and refineries and liquefied natural gas warehouses.

High expansion: expansion with volumetric action, saturating the whole area protecting up to the heights that are sufficiently exceeding the maximum altitude of the products to be covered. The application of this product is suitable for the protection of less common areas at risk including warehouses, carriers, hangars and galleries.


Automatic water spray extinguishing systems.

The best element to fight fire is undoubtedly water. Campanella Impianti offers all the technological firefighting solutions that keep using this natural resource as an extinguishing agent. Campanella Impianti sets up fixed and mobile installations with water as the main element.

Watermist systems:  

The watermist system, which contains water spray, is an extremely innovative fire extinguishing system. A small amount of water is delivered by technologically advanced nozzle creating water mist. The very small dimension of the sprayed drops allows, in a short time, to let them become steam causing an instant decrease in temperature.

Therefore, the watermist systems do not require a huge amount of water and ensures rapid fire extinction

Sprinkler systems:

The sprinkler systems are the most popular fire-fighting mesure in big buildings, processing rooms, warehouses, shopping malls, establishments, storerooms and garages.

The wet system is the easiest sprinkler system in which the several nozzles are powered by a constantly pressurized water supply. The functionality of this system is linked to the single nozzle that at the fusion of the heat-sensitive element of the head ( the sprinkler) causes the immediate release of water in the affected area.

The dry system instead also uses a water supply but the pipe is full of compressed air. The functionality of this system depends on the fusion of the heat-sensitive element of the head resulting in an immediate drop in pressure in the water supply and the consequent opening of a control valve which allows the pressurized water intake and so its discharge.


Fire, smoke, gas and heat detection systems.

The fire detection systems are a key part of protection and prevention of fires and Campanella Impianti constantly updates on new technologies and choose carefully the products to be applied.

This kind of system is a set of equipment that can detect smokes and fires.

We develop different management systems. The Fire and Gas systems with monitoring by using PCs and HMI.

Campanella Impianti provides solutions and designs detection power stations in every kind of scenario: 

Fire - Conventional

For those environments where a timely detection is not needed and/or small rooms.

Fire - Analogue

For those environments where a timely analysis of the detectors is needed or for large rooms

Fire- fire extinguishing modules

to activate gas shutoff devices in accompliance to the law


toxic and/or harmful


Flammable or explosive

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